The Why You Do, eBook

Take charge of your life, learn about yourself and how you are doing...

The Why You Do, eBook

Learn about WHY YOU Do, what you do!

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The self-help MUST READ!

More about this enjoyable book:

We’ve all heard the adage, “life doesn’t come with an instruction book,” but what if it did? 

Author Don Crosby wants us to realize our potential—not just doing what we’ve been told we should do, but all that we honestly can do. His personal, humorous, and touching stories will help you become your authentic, best self.

At the same time, we all know that those around us—whether friends, family, or co-workers— can significantly impact our potential. Crosby takes the time in The Why You Do to show how knowing more about the people around us can make life better—at work and at home.

Broken into three helpful sections, The Why You Do will help readers learn who they are, how they fit into the world, and how to learn more about themselves—and others. Don’t assume; gain the knowledge of understanding.