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Discover the effectiveness of our relationship development intervention courses! Learn more about how has helped couples and individuals start on the journey toward stronger and happier relationships.

We Do What We Do Because of You is proud to have impacted the lives of individuals and couples through their journey of strengthening relationships and personal growth. We believe the positive feedback and successes shared with us are a testament to the effectiveness of our founders, Don & Kathleen’s, alternative to couples counseling.

From couples who have reignited their spark and found deeper levels of understanding, to individuals who have gained invaluable self-awareness and improved their communication skills, has had a huge impact on people’s lives. Find the motivation to embark on your own transformative journey with and start our personal development courses now!

Life-Changing Impacts Of Our Relationship Courses

“Both of our natural styles are very quiet, but wow, the process has helped us to COMFORTABLY SHARE, plus we’ve been referencing back to our Communication Styles ever since. The results have been fascinating, we can’t imagine NOT having this.”

— Bobby & Carol, Denver, CO

“My father purchased the couple’s package for us as part of our premarital preparation. The process is rich with content, the experience is easy to follow, and is a great relationship maintenance concept. Sadly our procrastination was worse than the process.”

— Brad & Jody, Salt Lake City, UT

“We have always had an exceptional relationship, but we were curious… what if we could make it EVEN BETTER? Listening to the audio library was eye-opening, our reports provided a fresh fascination and our similar Energy Styles were something we expected but couldn’t explain why. This investment will undoubtedly be invaluable.”

— Greg & Kathy, Los Angeles, CA

“Because of our prior involvement with dating websites, we decided to try this interesting concept. The value is REMARKABLE, we didn’t expect the package to be so robust, but like anything you have to apply yourselves. The Listen, Learn, and Talk process was comfortably empowering. This refreshing process had us engaged in daily.”

— Roger & Lynette, New York, NY

Experience Similar Results With

Through our 90-day relationship development intervention course, participants can expect a transformative and comprehensive learning experience. Every aspect — from the Relationship Principles audio to the corresponding self-reflection worksheets— provides a step-by-step guide to enhancing relationships and personal growth. Gain valuable insights and practical tools through self-assessments, side-by-side reports, and interactive assignments that cover everything, including:
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimacy-building
  • Self-discovery
  • And more!
With a focus on the “Listen, Learn, and Talk” approach, the courses provide a structured and empowering journey toward more fulfilling relationships.

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At, we value the feedback and experiences of couples who have gone through our course! If you believe our approach to marriage and self-development has helped you, we encourage you to share your thoughts by leaving a review.

Your experience can inspire and motivate others, and your words may have a profound impact on someone’s decision to invest in their personal growth and relationship happiness. Help us create a supportive community dedicated to nurturing meaningful connections; your voice matters, and we deeply appreciate your valuable feedback.

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Be Part of the Listen, Learn & Talk Mentality

Enhance your communication, deepen your connections, and navigate the complexities of relationships with us! Whether you’re single, in a new relationship, or have been together for years, is designed to meet you where you’re at and empower you to create the relationship you desire!