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Our Story Because Love is Not Enough’ approach to relationship development intervention results from over 30 years of accumulated professional experience in behavioral science, drawn from a successful 38-year marriage. Our goal is to create the ultimate resource for enhancing any relationship and to provide a source of self-development for those who seek to excel in relationship readiness. This story is a testament to the emotional foundation and dedication behind this mission and our motto of “Listen, Learn, Talk.”

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The Relationship Between Our Founder’s Parents

After 28 years of marriage, my mother divorced our father, and he was never able to move on, even 25 years later, when he passed away, still in love with her. In honor of those we’ve helped, I created Our Beyond Our Love Worksheet is dedicated to my father, as his relationship with my mother showed that love alone isn’t always enough.

As an adult, I finally had the opportunity to learn about my father during his extended stays with us. During one of these stays, he shared that he believed if someone like me and the resources provided by were available during their marriage, they could have made it work. This conversation inspired me to create personal growth and development courses to save and strengthen relationships and prevent divorces. Our legacy objective is simple: to help even one family successfully navigate the different phases of their relationships and maintain healthy co-parenting arrangements.

Triggering the Heart of Our Actual Beginning

As Master Licensees representing PDP Global, established as Global Behavior Companies, we have been operating for over three decades. Our main focus has been assisting companies worldwide, providing high-level consultation to understand the intricacies of their people. By integrating the PDPworks behavioral systems and certification training, we offer tailored solutions.

But our services have extended beyond the corporate realm. Clients often approach us seeking something special for their loved ones in new relationships or planning for their futures. We also answer the call of those facing more complex situations such as marriages falling apart, dysfunctional families, and parents seeking help for troubled teens. Furthermore, many of our clients were eager for relational solutions for their employees, as they noticed a significant loss of productivity due to familial issues affecting work performance.

Over time, Global has received life-changing feedback from those we have assisted. This led us to recognize the pressing need for proper instruction and knowledge in personal awareness and nurturing unique relationships. Hence, we embarked on the journey of creating a separate company — dedicated to offering specific resources that enhance relationships and personal development for career and relationship preparation.

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Introducing "Listen, Learn and Talk" — the Evolution of

At, our journey began with offering PDP report options to our users. However, we soon realized that we needed to go beyond that. This led Founder Don Crosby to create the Beyond Our Love Worksheet, a remarkable tool for couples. Yet, we still felt something was lacking — a step-by-step guide to prepare individuals for the assessment process.

We also noticed that the delivery process, which involved providing PDP reports and Beyond Our Love Worksheets in PDFs, was not the most seamless experience. That’s when the concept of creating self-development classes came to light. Thus, our API project was launched, simplifying the assessment process by allowing users to take the PDP survey within the course and receive their results through a streamlined learning journey.

How Our Personal Growth and Development Courses Evolved

Meanwhile, Don wanted to express gratitude to his friend, Tim Connor, whom he admired and considered a mentor. Tim joined Don and his wife for a casual cookout, where he presented Don with two double CDs containing his 25 Relationship Principles and 25 Success Principles.

As Don listened to these CDs, brilliantly written and narrated by Tim, he realized they were the missing pieces to Several conversations later, the vision for our platform started to take shape — to create the finest personal development and relationship courses to assist the mass population.

And so, the concepts of “Listen, Learn and Talk” and “Listen, Learn and Live” were born. We believe that the path to transformative growth begins with listening to these relatable audio resources. From there, users have the opportunity to learn by completing the PDP assessment for personal clarity and exploring the Side-by-Side reports that compare each person’s results. The Beyond Our Love Worksheets offer further insights into how life’s experiences and circumstances shape relationships. Enhanced with the User’s Guide, providing an exceptional value proposition.

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The Long-Term Impact of

But it doesn’t end there. We emphasize the importance of talk — engaging in heartfelt conversations that polish the true process of connection. We understand the challenges that couples face in communicating effectively and believe that addressing differences and circumstances is key.

At, our mission is to combine these incredibly valuable components to create a harmonious and impactful experience. For couples, it’s all about “Listen, Learn and Talk.” And for personal development, it’s “Listen, Learn and Live.” We are proud to offer six of the finest courses that will shape your journey towards a fulfilling life and relationships.

Personal Benefits Of Our Self-Development Classes

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Enhanced Relationships

Strengthen bonds and enhance understanding! Through interactive exercises and insightful principles, participants can improve their communication and connection with their partners.

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Personal Growth encourages participants to explore their identity, passions, and potential, and provides tools for stress management and positive self-image cultivation.

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Nurturing Happiness and Depth

With a unique approach and emphasis on open communication and self-discovery, this relationship development intervention program aims to help individuals and couples achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

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