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Personal Courses for Developing Trusting Relationships

Partner & Self-Development Courses for Lasting Love

An Effective Alternative to Relationship Counseling

Invest in the personal and relationship development intervention you’re looking for without settling for traditional couples counseling. Our comprehensive 90-day course is focused on developing trusting relationships between partners while also criticizing personal growth and realization. With a strong emphasis on open communication and self-discovery, is all about listening, learning, and talking to build a stronger relationship.

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Introducing Our Relationship Courses

Listen, Learn & Talk for Understanding & Personal Growth

At, our mission is simple. We believe effective communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships. With our personal growth and development courses, we provide a platform for individuals and couples to truly listen to each other, learning valuable insights that foster personal growth and understanding. Through guided exercises and online resources, participants gain the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the emotional and mental complexities of being with a partner. Our alternative to couples counseling encourages open dialogue and constructive conversations to ensure that every voice is heard and that relationships can thrive with greater depth and happiness.

What to Expect from Your Relationship Journey


Listen to our 25 Relationship Principles audiobook alongside your partner and follow along with the corresponding workbook.


Both you and your partner will complete the quick, easy behavioral survey individually before reviewing your answers side by side.


Complete our personal growth courses Beyond Our Live Self-Reflection worksheet and enjoy the process of sharing, reflecting, and growing together.

For Every Couple & Individual, Everywhere

Our relationship development intervention course is perfect for everyone — whether they are inside or outside of a relationship. It is possible to work on developing trusting relationships with yourself and your loved one whether you’re:
  • Single
  • Dating
  • Engaged or in a long-term relationship
  • Married (both newlywed and not)

Self-Discovery for Improved Relationships

Through our online personal growth and development courses, participants will work on and feel stronger in:

  • Readiness: Feeling prepared to welcome someone special into your life long-term.
  • Maintenance: Preparing for sensitive issues before they happen.
  • Depth: Enjoying the process of understanding your partner and reducing the need for traditional therapy or consultation.

How are you feeling emotionally?

Decide who you want to become, and remember, you are that person.


As humans, it is natural for us to seek our identity by comparing ourselves with family and friends. Throughout generations, people have sought advice from others as a means of personal empowerment.


Now, Harness Your Desire...



A Hollywood relationship cannot be bought with money. All couples encounter similar issues in their interactions. Symptoms of relational emptiness include actions, reactions, tones, and bad decisions.


Life is cause and effect...


"People often desire to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves. Hopefully, this does not apply to you."

— Anonymous

Created By Don & Kathleen

Welcome to! Founded by Don & Kathleen, who are in the midst of a successful 30+ year marriage, this 90-day course is designed to be the ultimate resource for enhancing relationships and personal growth. This final result is the culmination of over 30 years of professional experience in behavioral science. With a focus on preventing divorces and helping families navigate different phases of relationships, aims to save and strengthen relationships.

Experience the harmonious and impactful journey towards fulfillment!

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The self-development courses include everything you need to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your partner:

  • The choice between three different variations (Basic, Launch, Pro) to best suit your relationship status
  • Relationship principles audio to listen to
  • “Beyond Our Love” and similar worksheets to complete
  • Action plans to start making small improvements
  • Bonus content for Launch & Pro tiers
  • A 7-day trial period introducing the value and potential


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Methods for Effective Communication

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Personal Awareness & Insights

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You & Your Partner’s Strengths or Weaknesses

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Methods for Resolving or Approaching Conflicts

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How to Nurture A Fulfilling Relationship


Creating and Preserving Family Legacies...

“Both of our natural styles are very quiet, but wow, the process has helped us to COMFORTABLY SHARE, plus we’ve been referencing back to our Communication Styles ever since. The results have been fascinating, we can’t imagine NOT having this.”

— Bobby & Carol, Denver, CO

“My father purchased the couple’s package for us as part of our premarital preparation. The process is rich with content, the experience is easy to follow, and is a great relationship maintenance concept. Sadly our procrastination was worse than the process.”

— Brad & Jody, Salt Lake City, UT

“We have always had an exceptional relationship, but we were curious… what if we could make it EVEN BETTER? Listening to the audio library was eye-opening, our reports provided a fresh fascination and our similar Energy Styles were something we expected but couldn’t explain why. This investment will undoubtedly be invaluable.”

— Greg & Kathy, Los Angeles, CA

“Because of our prior involvement with dating websites, we decided to try this interesting concept. The value is REMARKABLE, we didn’t expect the package to be so robust, but like anything you have to apply yourselves. The Listen, Learn, and Talk process was comfortably empowering. This refreshing process had us engaged in daily.”

— Roger & Lynette, New York, NY


No, only one course is necessary for each couple. Our Side-by-Side courses are ideally meant to be shared together.

Welcome to our captivating process! Try it for a week to discover its invaluable value. Our content highlights various features and benefits. Step inside to explore how our applications enhance your experience. If you like it, pay the difference; if not, you’re done.

  1. The BASIC course has fewer audio files and elementary individual behavioral reporting, but is an amazing introduction program for any couple.

2. The LAUNCH course is ideal for most couples for the application of maintenance.

3. The PRO course provides the most comprehensive individual and Side-by-Side behavioral reporting, measuring stress, satisfaction and energy drain.

All courses include the Listen, Learn, and Talk feature, PDP behavioral measurement with personal reports, Side-by-Side comparison, Beyond Our Love worksheet process, and Companion Guide eBook.


All courses are structured as 90-day programs, but the content and process are so valuable that many participants choose to extend their subscriptions for ongoing relational resources.

For successful participation, we suggest the following: First, set clear, shared goals before beginning the course to ensure alignment and shared vision.

Second, communicate openly and dedicate time to actively engage with the course materials and exercises together.

Lastly, embrace the process with a spirit of collaboration and willingness to grow, making the most out of the journey you’re embarking on as a team.

With these practices, you’ll maximize the benefits and effectiveness of the process.

All our courses blend exclusive proprietary content, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly access.

Our personal assessment and Side-by-Side comparison technology, powered by PDP, rank among the world’s most accurate and user-friendly, offering unparalleled utility.

Coupled with the profound audio library and the Beyond Our Love worksheet, along with bonus materials, the experience is truly exceptional.

Our society has faced numerous relationship challenges for decades, often lacking effective strategies to support couples in need. That’s why we’ve developed a solution process that genuinely works. It is specifically designed for committed couples who want to elevate their relationship to new heights or even save it, and affordability is not a barrier.

No, and the reason is simple: relationships are too comprehensive to be encapsulated by a certificate of completion. Perhaps over time, we’ll consider issuing certification for tenure and family performance excellence.

Until then, we encourage everyone to strive for the most excellent relationship, with the ultimate reward being happiness and a lasting legacy.

Yes, enjoy the benefits of your Side-by-Side first choice and upgrade accordingly by paying the difference. 

Our courses are designed with content that is highly effective for self-help purposes, allowing individuals to conveniently access them in the comfort of their homes.

Nonetheless, we recognize that some individuals may prefer having a facilitator to provide support and accountability.

We are currently developing a facilitator course to fulfill this need.

The content of our course materials and the process in which the process is intended is both user-friendly and remarkably applicable.

The event of a desired refund is more likely the event of one of the two parties unwilling to participate for whatever reasons. We highly recommend that before investing in a courses you discuss this decision as your relational success includes both the desire and individual commitments. 

The process is intended to be enjoyable and impactful, if it is not, typically it is the result of the core issues of why there was initial consideration.

In the event of this happening we offer a fourteen day money back guarantee.