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Take Advantage of Our Limited Time Offers

We offer a variety of different courses as well as ways you can take them. Whether you are looking at your own growth in your relationship or wanting to give the gift of a lifetime. Pairfection offers the perfect variety. 

Our Current Promotions & Offers​


An Introductory Explanation


Ideal for couples in the early stages of their journey or those seeking a foundational understanding of effective communication and relationship dynamics. 

Don’t just take our word for it—use this $50 off coupon to start your Basic Side-by-Side course.

Basic Course 50% off promo


A Rich Maintenance Experience


Perfect for established couples seeking to reinforce and maintain a healthy connection, the course provides a clear process, eliminating guesswork.

$299 gift card



A deeper exploration of relationship restoration, customized for weary couples facing challenges or pursuing a deeper connection to build a lasting legacy.

$399 gift card

$39 Mini Course: Beyond Our Love

  • The $39 Beyond Our Love Mini-Course is the perfect starting point for couples, whether newlyweds or seasoned marriages.

    When we created the Beyond Our Love exercise, we realized it was so powerful that it deserved its own identity. Thus, this mini-course was born, offering tremendous value without requiring full commitment to the entire Side-by-Side course.

    This course is amazing on its own or as a perfect introduction to the full course. It includes a $39 coupon to use on any of our Side-by-Side courses.

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Free 3-Day Preview of any Side-by-Side Course

Free 3-Day Preview of any Side-by-Side Course – We created to offer tremendous value across a broad spectrum of relationships. As a genuine introduction, we’re providing free access so you can experience the beauty of our Listen, Learn, and Talk methodology firsthand.

This preview allows you to experience the quality of our content and the ease of navigating anyone of our Side-by-Side courses. 

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."


Gift a Course - Give the Gift of Connection

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary — the gift of strengthened connections and lasting love. offers master relationship courses tailored for couples, making it the perfect present for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion where love is celebrated. Explore the joy of giving a gift that nourishes relationships and sets the stage for a future filled with understanding, growth, and profound connection.

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Organizational Programs

Establishments such as businesses and churches have a significant need for successful relationships. When homes are divided, lives undergo transition.

Businesses feel the direct and indirect impact of lost morale and often become victims of circumstances without knowing how to address it.

People who attend church expect miracles from their leadership, but the timing of circumstances and personal preferences often fall prey to failed relationships.

Honoring the Tight Budget by providing 3-Monthly Payments!

When we built the business model, we had two must-haves: Simply choose while checking out as your purchasing option.

  1. To be cost-effective for everyone seeking to improve personal and relational development. 
  2. To make the financial commitment easier by offering three monthly payments.

If you're still unsure, try a One Week Trial! ​

Experience any Side-by-Side course for a week for just $49. 

If you like it—as we know you will—you can simply pay the difference and continue. If you decide not to for any reason, STOP and the value you’ve gained for your $49 is an investment. 

(Please note: Our standard guaranteed policy does not apply to this special offer.)

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