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Pairfection Relationship Master Courses

Embark on a transformative journey with our expert-led courses crafted to enhance your connection and build a love that lasts. Ready to take the plunge? Start your course today!

Course Options

Choose the course that aligns with your relationship goals, and the depth of behavioral reporting you desire.

The Beyond Our Love Mini-Course


This package includes:

  • The 12 Commitment Creed
  • 10 Beautiful Audio Poems – Words of Love
  • The lesson, Beyond Our Love Self-reflection exercise.
  • Companion Guide eBook
  • A $39 Credit toward your relational course of choice.

Basic Plan

An Introductory Explanation

$239.88 $199
Ideal for couples in the early stages of their journey or those seeking a foundational understanding of effective communication and relationship dynamics. The Basic Plan offers:
  • Introduction to fundamental communication techniques.
  • Insights into the dynamics of relationships.
  • Exercises to establish a strong foundation for a lasting connection.

Introducing the ten foundational audio tracks, which offer valuable insights and lasting awareness for couples.

Take a moment to listen to this short soundtrack.

Discover the benefits as you receive Personal QuickView, Trait Intensity Chart, and Connect With Me graph reports for each person.

This package offers valuable insights into your immediate preferences, providing a clear understanding without overwhelming you with excessive information.

Introducing our Side-by-Side report from PDP: a comprehensive twelve-page analysis of natural behaviors, aspirations, and communication style, providing insight for every couple.

This informative report includes a Motivators Worksheet and a selection of Talking Points to assist each couple in self-facilitating, safe productive conversations during the Side-by-Side TALKING process.

This worksheet process can be a helpful tool to foster stronger relationships by facilitating deeper conversations and gaining valuable insights for better mutual understanding.

Topics include; Trust, Life Stress, Personality Differences, Anger Issues, Honor, Romance & Quality Time, Money Matters, Communication, Sex, Addictions, Selfless Love, and Overcoming Offenses.

Our Companion Guide eBook is unavailable on Amazon and is considered an exceptionally easy-to-read hands-on book of about 40 pages.

We’ve chosen to assemble a document relatable to everyone. You won’t be disappointed; instead, you’ll want to gift every couple you know.

Launch Plan

A Rich Maintenance Experience

$359.88 $299

Perfect for couples seeking to reinforce and maintain a healthy connection. The Launch Plan serves as a maintenance experience, providing: Everything included in the BASIC plan, plus…
  • Advanced communication strategies for orchestrating meaningful conversations.
  • In-depth exploration of relationship maintenance techniques.
  • Tools to navigate common challenges and keep your connection vibrant.

Get everything included in the BASIC Course Plus!

Our 25 Relationship Principals audiobook is a valuable tool created by experts for couples. With just over one hour of guidance and practical advice, you can listen to it on any device, helping you stay connected regardless of the circumstances.

Take a moment to listen to this short soundtrack.

This booklet is a transcription of our audiobook, 25 Relationship Principals created so you may listen to your audio program and follow along as a working document. Compose your thoughts, make notes, use a highlighter, and score the specific areas relating to you and your relationship.

This workbook is only available with a Side-by-Side LAUNCH or PRO courses.

Discover the power as you receive two Four-page Performance Action reports, providing a “What Makes You Tick” description—a perfect self-help guide indicating and mapping out your direction.


Pro Plan

The Ultimate Restoration Process

$479.88 $399

Tailored for couples facing complex challenges or seeking a deeper level of restoration. The Pro Plan offers:
  • Everything included in the LAUNCH plan, plus…
  • Comprehensive insights into the restoration of relationships facing complicated circumstances.
  • Advanced modules on understanding and navigating intricate dynamics.
  • Specialized exercises for untangling complex issues and rebuilding trust.

Get everything included in the LAUNCH Course, Plus!

Welcome to the exploration of personal depth and clarity! Get ready to be amazed by the remarkable accuracy that awaits.

Receive two comprehensive eighteen-page Personal Development reports, offering invaluable insights into natural behavior, stress levels, energy drain, and satisfaction. Elevate your overall well-being and gain a deeper understanding of yourself with these insightful reports.

The Side-by-Side Stress Comparisons report is seven pages brilliantly displaying and describing how each person is relating to their life’s pressures. Compares the movement of each behavioral trait, satisfaction, energy drain also includes talking points on each page.

This fifteen minute 3 part video series pairs with the Personal Development report while providing definition of a How-To-Read assistant. This brings clarity to a new level of providing the do-it-yourself process.

Relationship courses designed with you in mind, with resources you can follow in the privacy of your home.

Our Master Courses are designed to be flexible, allowing couples to progress at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into every module or prefer a more gradual approach, adapts to your unique journey, ensuring that the course fits seamlessly into your life.

Build A Solid Foundation of Connection

We believe in the transformative power of effective communication. Our unique approach, encapsulated in the philosophy of “Listen, Learn, Talk,” forms the backbone of our Master Courses. This methodology is designed to create a dynamic and open dialogue between partners, fostering an environment where understanding and growth flourish.


By embracing a mindful approach to listening, you lay the foundation for deeper connections and a more profound understanding of each other’s perspectives.


Our resources are curated by experts, drawing from over 30 years of professional experience in behavioral science.


By embracing the power of conversation, you pave the way for a relationship that thrives on openness, connection, and mutual understanding.

Master the Secrets to Lasting Love

Life is a journey of shared experiences, and relationships are no exception.

It’s perfectly normal for partnerships to encounter both good and challenging times. At, our courses are designed to guide you through fostering growth, understanding, and lasting connection. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have celebrated many years of marriage, you’ll come away from our course with new tools to navigate every phase.

Embrace the ebb and flow of your partnership with our comprehensive go-at-your-own-pace courses.

couple talking and smiling
happy couple preparing food

Build A Solid Foundation of Connection is proud to have impacted the lives of individuals and couples through their journey of strengthening relationships and personal growth. We believe the positive feedback and successes shared with us are a testament to the effectiveness of our founders, Don & Kathleen’s, alternative to couples counseling.

From couples who have reignited their spark and found deeper levels of understanding, to individuals who have gained invaluable self-awareness and improved their communication skills, has had a huge impact on people’s lives. Find the motivation to embark on your transformative journey with and start our personal development courses now!


No, only one course is necessary for each couple. Our Side-by-Side courses are ideally meant to be shared together.

Welcome to our captivating process! Try it for a week to discover its invaluable value. Our content highlights various features and benefits. Step inside to explore how our applications enhance your experience. If you like it, pay the difference; if not, you’re done.

  1. The BASIC course has fewer audio files and elementary individual behavioral reporting, but is an amazing introduction program for any couple.

2. The LAUNCH course is ideal for most couples for the application of maintenance.

3. The PRO course provides the most comprehensive individual and Side-by-Side behavioral reporting, measuring stress, satisfaction and energy drain.

All courses include the Listen, Learn, and Talk feature, PDP behavioral measurement with personal reports, Side-by-Side comparison, Beyond Our Love worksheet process, and Companion Guide eBook.


All courses are structured as 90-day programs, but the content and process are so valuable that many participants choose to extend their subscriptions for ongoing relational resources.

For successful participation, we suggest the following: First, set clear, shared goals before beginning the course to ensure alignment and shared vision.

Second, communicate openly and dedicate time to actively engage with the course materials and exercises together.

Lastly, embrace the process with a spirit of collaboration and willingness to grow, making the most out of the journey you’re embarking on as a team.

With these practices, you’ll maximize the benefits and effectiveness of the process.

All our courses blend exclusive proprietary content, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly access.

Our personal assessment and Side-by-Side comparison technology, powered by PDP, rank among the world’s most accurate and user-friendly, offering unparalleled utility.

Coupled with the profound audio library and the Beyond Our Love worksheet, along with bonus materials, the experience is truly exceptional.

Our society has faced numerous relationship challenges for decades, often lacking effective strategies to support couples in need. That’s why we’ve developed a solution process that genuinely works. It is specifically designed for committed couples who want to elevate their relationship to new heights or even save it, and affordability is not a barrier.

No, and the reason is simple: relationships are too comprehensive to be encapsulated by a certificate of completion. Perhaps over time, we’ll consider issuing certification for tenure and family performance excellence.

Until then, we encourage everyone to strive for the most excellent relationship, with the ultimate reward being happiness and a lasting legacy.

Yes, enjoy the benefits of your Side-by-Side first choice and upgrade accordingly by paying the difference. 

Our courses are designed with content that is highly effective for self-help purposes, allowing individuals to conveniently access them in the comfort of their homes.

Nonetheless, we recognize that some individuals may prefer having a facilitator to provide support and accountability.

We are currently developing a facilitator course to fulfill this need.

The content of our course materials and the process in which the process is intended is both user-friendly and remarkably applicable.

The event of a desired refund is more likely the event of one of the two parties unwilling to participate for whatever reasons. We highly recommend that before investing in a courses you discuss this decision as your relational success includes both the desire and individual commitments. 

The process is intended to be enjoyable and impactful, if it is not, typically it is the result of the core issues of why there was initial consideration.

In the event of this happening we offer a fourteen day money back guarantee.

Ready to transform your relationship?Start your Basic Plan Course today for only $49. Take the first step towards a stronger, more fulfilling connection. Your journey to lasting love begins here.