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Success-in-You Personal Growth Courses

Learn how to unlock your true potential and transform your life with our expert-led self development classes. Take charge of your future and start your course today!

Transform Your Life For the Better

Our personal growth classes can help you enhance your self-awareness, build self-confidence, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. By focusing on fostering a positive mindset, improving emotional intelligence, and setting meaningful goals, can help you find happiness and transform your life for the better. Through our courses, you can learn how to cultivate gratitude, resilience, and interpersonal skills, allowing you to improve your relationships, overcome challenges, and lead a more fulfilling and successful life.

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Unlock the Ultimate Self-Development Courses

Our courses use a variety of tools, including worksheets, audiobooks, videos, and more. Through our collection of resources, you can discover your communication style, come to understand yourself better, and gain the tools you need to accomplish your life goals. The best part is you can complete our courses all from the privacy of your own home, allowing you to achieve your personal growth goals in the space that’s most comfortable for you.

Learn more about what sets our courses apart and how they’re designed to help you uncover the best version of yourself.

Our Master Courses are designed to be flexible, allowing couples to progress at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to dive deep into every module or prefer a more gradual approach, adapts to your unique journey, ensuring that the course fits seamlessly into your life.

Listen, Learn, and Live

We believe that building a strong relationship with yourself can allow you to foster a positive relationship with your special someone. We also believe that learning to understand yourself, your needs, and your goals is the key to living a fulfilling life. “Listen, Learn, and Live” embodies this philosophy.


By learning how to listen to your own needs and desires, you can build the foundation for a happy and successful life filled with more fulfilling relationships.


Our courses are made with resources curated by experts, combining over 30 years of professional experience in behavioral science to help you achieve personal growth.


Through our courses, you can gain self-awareness and learn strategies to help you live a more satisfying life.

Course Options

Choose the course that aligns with your needs and goals.

Success-in-You Basic Plan

A Strong Foundation

$129 $99

This plan provides you with a strong foundation for understanding your behavior. You’ll learn about different energy styles and communication styles and discover which style describes you. The Basic Plan offers:
  • Success is a Decision audio files designed to help you understand how to bridge the gap between where you are now and the kind of success you want to achieve
  • Success is a Decision interactive workbook to help you engage with and immerse yourself in the lessons provided in the audio files
  • Personal QuickView Assessment to help you solidify your understanding without overwhelming you with information
  • The Why You Do eBook is designed to help you discover your inner potential

Success-in-You Launch Plan

An Uplifting Journey Towards Success

$179 $149

This plan builds upon the Basic plan to provide you with an even more in-depth look at what personal success looks like and how you can achieve it.
  • Everything included in the Basic plan
  • 25 Success Principles audio files to help you gain a new perspective on life, yourself, and how to achieve personal success
  • 25 Success Principles workbook to help you immerse yourself in the lessons and solidify your understanding
  • Personal Development Plus report to help you understand subjects such as energy levels, stress, satisfaction, and more

Success-in-You Pro Plan

An Enriching Experience of Self-Discovery

$229 $199

This plan builds upon the Launch plan to provide you with a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Everything included in the Launch plan
  • Personal Development package to help you understand what makes you tick, what impacts your energy and stress levels, and more
  • MyProScan videos to pair with the Personal Development package and help you achieve greater clarity
  • Beyond Our Love worksheet to help you learn how to build stronger relationships through deeper understanding
Transform your life by building a strong foundation of self-understanding. Find greater fulfillment in your career and your relationships by first embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Get started today!