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Employee Services

Are you a company looking to boost your employees’ well-being and productivity? At, we offer personalized courses for developing trusting relationships, focusing on self-development. Our services are designed to support your employees in navigating through personal challenges, relational issues, personal growth, and understanding teenagers. By providing these essential tools, we believe in fostering a work environment where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.

Practical Solutions for All Relationships

Relational Solutions

Fascinating Introductory


Basic Course

$239.88 | $199

A Rich Maintenance


Launch Course

$359.88 | $299

The Ultimate Restoration


Pro Course

$479.88 | $399

Practical Solutions for Personal Awareness, Discovery, and Divorce Recovery

Personal Solutions

Fascinating Learning and


Basic Course

$129 | $99

Capture Rich


Launch Course

$179 | $149

The Ultimate


Pro Course

$245 | $199

How to Get Started website introduces practical personal development and relationship courses that can greatly benefit your entire staff.

Discover the immense value and suitability of these courses by having your staff representatives experience the courses that best cater to the needs and objectives of your company.

Introduce your employees to the online courses available on These courses provide personal development, premarital guidance, and assistance for married couples seeking to strengthen their commitment. 

To enhance motivation among interested employees, we recommend considering the option of offering a partial payment between 25 and 75%. In special circumstances, providing a 100% incentive can also be considered.

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Projected Results

We were founded with the simple belief our mission is achieved if we assist one couple in preserving their relationship, zooming in on their bond, or educating them about their journey. Our courses will make a severe impact no matter what’s at stake — stability, trust, or communication. 

Our courses provide the information and format necessary for individuals from teens to adults to understand their naturally designed behavior better. All it takes is the desire and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

For years, our society has grappled with relationship obstacles without reliable support systems for couples. That’s why we’ve developed an effective solution. Tailored for individuals looking to enhance their lives and relationships without financial constraints.

Each one of our courses provides a powerful blend of exclusive content, cutting-edge technology, and easy accessibility. The personal assessment and Side-by-Side comparison technology driven by PDP is renowned for its precision and user-friendly interface, offering unmatched value.

Achieving personal growth and fostering strong relationships requires a dedicated effort. That’s why our courses run for a full year and only conclude if voluntarily discontinued.

No, the first month’s commitment will be the only payment necessary.

Certainly! You can relish the advantages of your initial selection and upgrade later by covering the price difference. This exclusive option is solely accessible within the Side-by-Side course offerings.

Our courses feature impactful self-help content, enabling users to conveniently engage from their own homes. We understand that some may desire additional support and accountability from a facilitator. To meet this demand, we are in the process of creating a facilitator course. is committed to helping companies like yours enhance employee well-being and boost productivity through personalized personal development courses. Take the first step towards creating a positive and supportive work environment by offering these transformative services to your employees. Empower your team to overcome challenges, grow personally and professionally, and unlock their full potential. Get started and pave the way for a brighter, more productive future.