These web links we’ve discovered and chosen to share align with our belief structure and provide valuable resources for relationship research essential for fostering healthy lives.

Note: Unfortunately, new blog postings may occasionally appear within this selected list that do not align with our values. When this happens, they are promptly removed.

The Mesothelioma Veterans Center has been a trusted resource helping thousands of veterans and families.

A monthly podcast that highlights the most interesting and cutting-edge findings from the field of attractiveness psychology, produced by Dr. Rob Burriss.

  • Dr. David Schmitt’s blog at Psychology Today

“PSPC is an online information resource that examines theory and research in personality and social psychology, the psychological causes and consequences of contemporary events, and methodological and professional issues in the field.”

Authored by Dr. Karen Blair

By personality psychologist Dr. Sanjay Srivastava

A great blog that includes many notable social psychologists as contributors.

“Applying Psychology to Everyday Life”

From the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

Scholarly Links

Organizations, journals, and other resources we like:

The organization that publishes Personal Relationships and Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

A journal sponsored by IARR

A great resource for those interested in social psychology