Newlywed Relationship Problems

35 years ago, on our wedding day, just before we declared that we DO… I remember one of the first things my best man told me. “He said don’t forget how much today means to you and don’t let any circumstances come between you and the memories of today.”

He was already in his mid 60’s and at 33 I just couldn’t fully understand the depth of his wisdom.

Here are a few tips to hopefully keep the newlywed relationship crisp and engaging.

#1 Marriage is not a trial run or a practice activity, it’s a lifetime commitment.

#2 Once you get past the romance and sex, you’ll see the big picture, remember your vows.

#3 Don’t let your friends or family steal your quality time and DO NOT go out to places when you were single.

#4 Ask yourself, if you were just dating what would you do for her/him and how would you make it feel?

#5 Don’t go to people who have failed at marriage, for marriage advice.

#6 When you feel hurt do not bottle it up only to contribute to bursting like a volcano.

# Last Nugget: Until today I still call my wife my bride, which stuns people, but I tell them I call her my bride because nothing has changed…Your words are powerful, try it to see what happens? 

Bottom line: Talk, hold hands and look into each other’s eyes with passion to grow old together.

Here is a great FREE Newlywed exercise to help keep things fresh.

Check out the Beyond Our Love worksheet

Best wishes toward keeping your newlywed relationship free from serious heart breaking problems!