New Relationship Advice for Couples

#1 Never allow your relationship to be taken for granted, hold onto it like the precious gift it is.

#2 Even when you’re emotionally hurt or angry don’t tell the world, work it out between the two of you, alone.

#3 A harsh tone will undue the act of a dozen roses. Think before you speak and select your words carefully.

#4 Work together, compliment and edify each other you are competing in life as a team.

#5 When times are good talk about it and when times are stormy talk about it, the worst you can do is hold in your thoughts… either of you are able to read minds.

#6 Don’t let the activities and circumstances of life distract you from having an exceptional relationship. Pick one night a week as the official date night, plan toward and look forward to the event celebrating another week together… you deserve it!

#7 Maintenance, relationships need a diagnostic review just like automobiles. Get your free Beyond Our Love worksheet to periodically check yourselves to make sure you are on the right path.  Go to

Live intentional and plan on getting old and gray together, because before you know it time will have passed.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to improve your marriage and don’t think the situation is hopeless. Relationships only fall apart when one or both have come to the conclusion of lost hope.

Get excited about each other and relocate the very attractions you first experienced.