Step #3 – Studying Your Comparisons

In this lesson you’ll capture the full dimension of your relationship provided by your comparisons.

Your Side-by-Side Report instantly appears on the bottom of this page upon the completion of your PDP Survey’s.

Hello and welcome to the introduction of learning and applying your Side-by-Side report experience.

In this lesson, we’ll explore the dynamics of distinct comparisons, introducing who each person truly is. Identifying this information helps in recognizing observed behaviors, allowing individuals to connect the dots and understand the reasons behind their actions.

The ease of receiving your report is automatic; it’s instantly generated when the second person completes their ProScan survey. Excitingly, your Side-by-Side report is prominently featured below in this lesson.

Due to relational and behavioral circumstances, you’ll likely create your schedule for engaging in this lesson, but here are some suggestions.

Read your report individually first, then come together for a discussion. Elevate the experience with your favorite food and beverage.

Visually compare similarities and differences to better understand how interactions influence each other.

Discuss and complete Talking Points, located at the bottom of each page in your Side-by-Side report.

Completing this lesson marks a new chapter. Consistent effort is crucial for relationship improvement. The daily, weekly, and monthly commitment ensures continuous progress and serves as a reliable guide.

So come on, let’s dive into this incredible lesson and explore the depths of understanding each other… Side-by-Side!

We hope you enjoy learning about your Side-by-Side Comparisons!