Lesson #2 -Each person retakes your ProScan behavioral assessments

Learning about yourselves is a valuable next step; the good news is that it’s easier than you probably think!

The process is self-scoring 60 words, statistically measuring your natural behavior.

Go to the materials tab above; each person will complete the required fields to complete your short behavioral survey.

Each person completes a ProScan survey.

Time frame:
Complete your PDP behavioral survey individually takes an estimated four to six minutes.

You’ll receive your results immediately upon completion in the email addresses you provided.

Your QuickView reports are easy to read but to make it even easier, access your How-to-Read video series in the next lesson.

Lesson objective:
For each person to gain specific individual clarity.

These materials deserve your attention and provide outstanding and helpful insight.

Since eventually each of you will be paired in the Side-by-Side comparison report it is important to acknowledge each person by a first and second participation.

To begin, each person participates as a 'first' or 'second' person. Fill in the short form below and submit to experience your fast and easy MyProScan experience (you will be redirected to your MyProScan survey page).


"*" indicates required fields