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Romance becomes truly magical when it’s filled with intention and surprises.

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When we created the Beyond Our Love exercise, we recognized its power for every couple.

We’ve added elements from our Side-by-Side courses, providing tremendous value in this Mini Course without needing full commitment to the Side-by-Side course.

This course is amazing on its own or as a perfect introduction to the full course.

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Mini Course Includes:

  • The 12 Commitment Creed
  • 10 Beautiful Audio Poems – Words of Love
  • The lesson, Beyond Our Love Self-reflection exercise.
  • Pairfection.us Companion Guide eBook
  • A $39 Credit toward your relational course of choice.

We hope you enjoy this lovely Valentine’s Day poem!

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Every day could feel like Valentine’s Day, cherishing each other, and finding peace side-by-side.

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