Communication Skills & Improvement Activities

As children we had two important considerations that contributed toward influencing our development.

1. To be understood

2. To be liked and/or loved

The natural was to turn to our parents, grandparents and teachers.

However, when our parents seemed to busy the natural was to seek affirmation  from our teachers since we spent such a long period of time together.

But, when the teachers attempted to instruct everyone the same way, it seemed that ones who were different were least important.

Now we fast forward to adulthood and guess what? Still no one really knows me…

Improving communication skills is more than improving your grammar or vocabulary and it’s not about gaining the gift of reading body language.

All of these things can help, however each person communicates differently based on their natural behavior.

First, we need to understand that most miscommunications are not deliberate.

Because with every response which represents inaccuracy to what we feel or think it creates frustration.

#1 Try not to take it personally, hold back your words and allow yourself time to process your thoughts.

#2 Control your tone, you can undo the gift of a dozen roses quickly with the inappropriate tone of words and/or reaction.

#3 Take a deep breath and ask yourself, even if I’m right is it worth trying to convince the other person? Probably not…

And we can go on and on… but you see what I mean, slow down and don’t allow yourself to feel good because you said what at the time was on your mind… it’s as relevant as throwing a hand grenade into the middle of the conversation.

Here is an exercise that will help you improve your communications within any relationship.

  1. Get your free Beyond Our Love worksheet, it is a great non-threatening process for learning what is and what is not working within the relationship… in a safe style. Click
  2. Check out your Side-by-Side comparison options, so you can see the wonderful dynamics between your and your special someone. Here at Pairfection.

So the bottom line, don’t wait too long before you decide that your relationship needs a tune-up. Get excited by the need to do it, because it’s natural for every couple, these relational adjustments similar in fashion like going to a chiropractor for a body alignment, the difference is you are doing the exercise privately in your own home.

Remember  Pairfection, because love is not enough.