28 – Your legacy is in your hands. – 3:49

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#28 Your legacy is in your hands. – 03:49

Your legacy is in your hands. To me, your legacy is the memories, lessons, values, beliefs, experiences, achievements that you had while you were alive that someone else will benefit from after you are gone. We are all here for only a short time. Actually, it is just a rather short blip on the time clock of the history of the universe. I know that 70-plus years seems like a long time to build a legacy, but the question is, is it built just before we leave or is it developed slowly and gradually one year at a time while we are here?

I remember years ago hearing a speaker say, “You are not ready to live your life until you know what you want written on your tombstone.” Another one of my favorite speakers

once said, “Be careful who you are around because they are influencing what you believe, what you think, what you are learning, and who you may become.”

So, friends, what kind of a legacy are you going to leave after you have passed on? Will it

be one of emotional trauma, of such things as blame, guilt, anger, hate, resentment,

disappointment, envy, greed, selfishness, jealousy, fear, or some other negative trait or quality? Or will it be one of love, hope, acceptance, generosity, tolerance, and sharing?

What are the outcomes of leaving a positive legacy in all of your relationship? Here are a few to consider. When people think of you after you are gone, it will always bring a smile to their face. Will your lessons of hope and optimism guide them through the future difficulties that they will naturally face as their life moves forward? Will your wisdom and guidance serve as a beacon for them as they learn their own lessons and add to the experiences of their life? Will the positive memories of you be a lasting part of their life that they can pass on to their offspring and friends as well? Will their life have lasting meaning for you as you develop your own beliefs and values?

I have three beautiful and wonderful granddaughters. They are currently 9, 10, and 12 years old. I was thinking the other night, “What would I want them to remember about our relationship after I’m gone?” It was an easy list to write, but the question remains, is that what they will remember? I would like them to remember to have courage and faith in times of difficulty; to embrace the adventure of relationships and all their possibilities: to know that successful relationships require a unique combination of work and fun; to always love what they are doing, whether a career or some other life pursuit; to know that they always have choices, and that the consequences of those choices are theirs; to always take full responsibility for their lives’ outcomes, whether positive or negative; to have faith in their God, that he only wants the best for them; to laugh in the face of adversity and problems, that these are learning opportunities. Finally, I would like them always to remember that they were loved not for what they did, but for who they were. What would you want your children or grandchildren to remember about what your life stood for and how it would impact them or relate to them in their lives’ outcome?