The Commitment.

The 12 Commitments Relationship Creed.

Starting Right:

Our commitment to helping you get started properly is one reason why we’ve created our 12 Commitments Creed.

We all know the traditional vow, ‘Until death do us part.’ However, to emphasize the gravity of establishing an exceptional relationship, we’ve introduced a unique document.

This document is more than just a formality; it encourages thought and has the potential to align your relationship with the right mindset.

Please note that this is a suggestion tailored to your situation, and whether you choose to implement it or not depends on your specific circumstances.

We hope you enjoy your new relational process… Side-by-Side!

Review, Plan,u00a0 and Discuss Your Commitments.

12 Commitments Relationship Creed.

Hey there! You have the flexibility to either complete this task right now or return to it later. With your course, there’s no pressure to meet any deadlines… 🙂

Just make sure you don’t forget to make your commitments.