Go Through the Process Again, and Compare

How fast do these months go by? Can you believe it has been six months since your last MyProScan experience?

Our standard process is retaking the ProScan survey once or even twice per year, implementing it as needed. The reason is because normally people experience all types of pressures with careers, family, health, and finances and we deserve to have more clarity on how to have our most productive and successful life.

So here we go again, click your Materials Tab to retake your ProScan survey.

Click the Materials Tab above to complete your survey:
Completing your ProScan survey takes about 5 minutes, and your report will instantly appear upon completion in a new browser tab.

Ideal setting:
We suggest reading your report frequently and using a highlighter to identify the nuggets that deserve more attention.

Lesson objective:
To compare your natural behavior within the past six-months to review any adjustments.

Also, to focus on Stress, the length of and energy drain combined with the satisfaction.

Topics covered:
By making such an comparison delivers a strong awareness reflecting on your immediate responsibilities.


Welcome to the most comforting and accurate process of gaining self-clarity.

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