21 Unconditional acceptance. – 1:37

#21 Unconditional acceptance. - 01:37

One of the biggest challenges in relationships is the unconditional acceptance of another person’s beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. Having had a number of relationships with a variety of people, friends, employees, clients, children and supervisors, I can tell you that some people are easy to accept while others can bring us over the top of the emotional barometer when it comes to stress, anger and their ability to push our buttons. What is unconditional acceptance? Love and acceptance can go hand in hand, but each of us can have a variety of relationships where there is no romantic love, but we need to find within ourselves the ability to have unconditional acceptance. My definition might differ from some professionals but here it is.


Unconditional acceptance means to me a lack of judgements, a lack of unrealistic expectations and awareness that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have at any given time in their life. And understanding that everyone is on their own path, learning what they need to learn as they pass from one day to the next. Knowing that I don’t have to agree with them about everything or anything. Accepting that my ways, attitudes, or opinions do not have to be shared by anyone. Recognizing that the human experience is more or less difficult for each of us. Understanding that everyone has a unique, emotional outlook. Accepting that everyone has a life story or experience that is uniquely theirs. That there is no right or wrong. That perceptions are a major part of how each of us sees the world. Seeing the positives in the other person, knowing that everyone has their personal dramas, demons, angels, dreams, hopes, fears, and frustrations.