Step #5 – Scoring Your Relationship

This transcription is for those
who prefer to read along while watching the video.

Have you ever wondered how you could openly discuss sensitive issues with your special someone more clearly, well here is your solution… the Beyond Our Love exercise.

In this lesson, we will explore the 12 Essential Commandments for identifying topics that often lead to issues, even among the most ideal couples.

The Beyond Our Love exercise is essential because love alone isn’t always enough.

In our daily lives, our natural behaviors can be misinterpreted, leading to misunderstandings and accumulating offenses.

Therefore, the key to addressing needs with focus and compassion is to recognize each other’s well-being in various circumstances.

To get started, each person should click the provided link in this lesson to score their worksheets. It’s a simple yet thought-provoking and refreshing process.

After finishing, print and save the results on your computer. For added convenience, upload the PDF to store both worksheets in your course for easy accessibility.

Here are some insights for the exercise:

Score honestly, driven by the curiosity of understanding your relational dynamics.

Create an exceptional experience, showcasing kindness, and compassion.

Identify the most crucial of the 12 essentials for better provision.

Building a legacy relationship is a process. If issues arise in this exercise, use them as a starting point to recognize specific goals and aspirations.

Exciting things occur in a relationship when you maintain the spark that ignited when you first met.

Let’s begin with Beyond Our Love… learning and honoring each other… Side-by-Side!

How your Beyond Our Love experience works.

A.  FIRST PERSON would Click a link to score your worksheet and then proceed to print and download the PDF.

B. SECOND PERSON would Click a link to score your worksheet and then proceed to print and download the PDF.

C. EACH UPLOADS To ensure easy access throughout the course, each person uploads the PDF version of the completed Worksheets.