Step #2 – Exploring Your Survey Results

This transcription is for those
who prefer to read along while watching the video.

Welcome to a revealing lesson in personal and relational clarity. Many people navigate life uncertain about actions and motivations.

This foundational lesson is the beginning of unraveling the process, offering insights into individual and collective chemistry.

In this Basic course, our goal is straightforward content.

It includes one-page Personal QuickView Reports—don’t judge by pages, the content is the bull’s eye.

Next, are the Connect with Me and Trait Intensity graphs which are fascinating supporting visual complimenting the QuickView.

Read your reports individually and then share them to gain a clear understanding of each other.

Remember, the content is rich—review, study, and absorb it as an enjoyable step in building an exceptional relationship of clarity and understanding.

We recommend upgrading to the Launch or Pro course options for those seeking a more comprehensive insight into their behavioral information.

So, come on… it’s time, let’s get started… reviewing our Personal QuickView package, separately and comfortably… Side-by-Side!

Check Out These Report Samples!