Step #2 – Exploring Your Survey Results

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who prefer to read along while watching the video.


Welcome to this streamlined lesson, Reviewing Your Reports. Our goal is to help you gain personal and relational clarity and get you excited about what’s to come.

In life, many people often find themselves uncertain about their actions and motivations.

This foundational lesson serves as a starting point to unravel the process and offers insights into individual and collective chemistry.

This content consists of a concise four-page Personal Performance Actions Report. Don’t judge it by its length, as the content is the essence.

The report offers a comprehensive Personal QuickView, highlighting “What Makes You Tick,” along with valuable insights into managing life’s pressures.

The topics covered in this include motivations, actions plan for documenting feelings and aspirations, ways to connect with me, and Trait Intensity graphs.

By reading and sharing the reports individually, you can gain a clear understanding of each other. The content is rich, so take your time to review, study, and absorb it.

So, let’s get started!

Take some time to enjoy reviewing your Personal Performance reports, both separately and…side by side.

Reviewing Your Personal Performance Reports!


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