Realizing Your Objectives

This transcription is for those who prefer to read and listen to audio.

Hello, Now that you’ve watched our introduction video, the next step is to document your personal objectives, discuss your schedules, and update your shared calendars with your action plan.

Our initial Side-by-Side courses span 90 days, a duration we’ve found effective for stabilizing the relational process.

The maintenance phase of the course will focus on reinforcing the skills and techniques you have learned, helping you continue to navigate your relationships successfully by accessing and practicing your Listen, Learn, and Talk process.

Stick to your plan, even if unconventional, until you establish the behaviors that enhance your relationship.

Remember, your course will renew automatically after 90 days unless you pause your subscription via the dashboard menu.

So don’t wait, begin your steps toward relational excellence by completing the questionnaire below.

Drag and rank the topics in order of importance and describe what you hope to achieve from this course.

Then, like physical exercise, remain focused—your commitments are priceless.

Thank you and best wishes as you plan your relational future together because love just isn’t enough.

To begin, here’s a straightforward activity to outline your goals.
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