Lesson #1 – Listen

This first lesson is to Listen to the 25 Relationship Principals Audiobook by clicking the Materials tab above, and follow along in your workbook.
Enjoy your audiobook as often as your personal situation deserves, as our content recognizes many of the fundamentals of why many relationships have a broad range of challenges.

Depending on the status of your relationship you may enjoy listening many times, or just a few… every step is up to you!

* Download 25 Relationship Principals Audiobook player
* Download the transcribed workbook.

Lesson objective:
The ability to listen to a large variety of topics that just might be participating within your relationship.

How you listen to your audiobook simply depends on you, your interest and needs, listening with or without your workbook? With experience we've found that most listen several times on their phones returning to listening on their computers following along in application in their workbook .

25 Relationship Auto Transcripted

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