03 – Do I really know you? – 1:08

#3 Do I really know you? – 1:08

This transcription is for those who prefer to read and listen to audio.

There are millions of people raising strangers, married to strangers, and working with strangers. They know little about the dreams, hopes, frustrations, fears, goals, likes, and dislikes of these people. Here are a few questions to consider about each of the needs, goals, or desires of your partner. See if you can answer the following about your partner. They are happiest when …. They get upset when …. They wished you could talk more about … They are afraid when … They like you best when you … They wish you could … And their biggest fears are …

These are just a few of the basic ideas to get you started. Why not expand the list to interests, likes, dislikes, and so on? This process takes a safe relationship interest in the other person and a willingness to put time and energy into getting to know the other person. I believe over the term of the relationship that this investment will prove positive and highly beneficial. Remember, getting to know the other person means getting to know yourself better as well.